Experienced nannies in your neighborhood

How to find and keep a good nanny, with interview questions, a sample work agreement, articles on nanny pay, child development and other topics.

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Do you trust your nanny?

How well do you know your nanny? Don't take a chance with your nanny, find out with a nanny camera.

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The best wireless nanny cameras

Secure your home and family with a complete Nanny Cam system. The best selection of nanny cameras on the net.

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Nanny cameras are very easy to use and usually just require you to plug it into a power outlet. No buttons to press or technical things to configure. Videos recorded from a nanny cam are played back on a PC or MAC with VLC Media Player.
Reference: (http://www.spycameras.com/shop/wireless/nanny-camera/all-in-one/)
Reference: (http://www.videolan.org)

Nanny Cam

Know the Reasons and Advantages of Using Nanny Camera. Nanny camera or the Nanny cam is a specialized spy camera.

The spy cams in most cases are secretly installed in toys and simple household products. Have you ever thought of buying a spy cam to monitor what your nanny is doing at home when you are away?

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There are many reasons to hire a nanny especially if you have babies or young kids.

We know the duty and responsibility of the nanny is to take care of the children at home while you are away at work.

However, do you really trust your nanny, is she really true to her employer?

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